Crewing Service:
Years of involvement with EVS and VT have enabled Editec to compile a large database of experienced professional freelance EVS & VT Operators. Whatever the event, whatever the equipment, wherever the location, let Hayley Clarke know your needs and we will find you an Operator or an entire crew, with or without you hiring EVS or VT equipment from Editec. Details of some of our most experienced crew members are shown alongside.
The operators to the right are just a few of the vast pool of VT and EVS personnel we can deploy on your behalf. Editec sees itself very much as a broadcasting "Solutions Provider" and whatever the occasion, wherever the location we will assemble a  configuration of EVS equipment and experienced crew to successfully fulfill your programming needs ANYWHERE in the world.

Paul EVS Tamlyn
Hayley Clarke
Hayley ClarkeHayley ClarkeHayley Clarke
Hayley Clarke
Steve Cotterill                              Paul Tamlyn
Hayley Clarke
Ben Holmes - EVS Operator / Editor

Simon Mann - EVS Operator

Grant Coulson - EVS Operator

Hugh Lutley - EVS Operator / Editor

Frank Steffenhagen - EVS Operator

Andy Gentle - EVS Operator

Annie Bailey - EVS Operator

Carl Dolan - EVS Operator

Stephen Peck - EVS Operator

Todd Nelson - EVS Operator

Daniel Millward - EVS Operator

Steve Skelton - EVS Operator

Ryan Staniforth - EVS Operator

Chris Willoughby - EVS Operator
Steve O'Connor - EVS Operator

Scott Carroll - EVS Operator

Damian Dexter - EVS Operator

Martin Cracknell - EVS Operator

Gordon Penfold - EVS Operator

Dave Cunningham - EVS Operator

Paul Dunne - EVS Operator

Paul Goddard - EVS Operator

Delroy McDonald - EVS Operator

Justin Roberts - EVS Operator

Dave Howard - EVS Operator

Deborah Price - EVS Operator

Richard Hall - EVS Operator

Rachel Pillar - EVS Operator

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