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What's Been Said:
"The SprintCam Live V2 system is being used at 1000fps during the 13 days of the PDC World Darts Championships at Alexandra Palace. The event is televised live in the UK by Sky Sports. The system has surpassed all our expectations providing some amazing images of darts flying through the air and hitting the board. It has worked extremely well in very low light conditions and has definitely enhanced our broadcast."

December 23, 2008

Sky Sports
"Awesomeness can appear at each shot, whether it was intended or not. Luck is still a major factor, because when shooting real time, you are actually totally unable to see what you'll get once played back. For this reason, on the field realtime playback is an absolutely vital feature, and SprintCam realtime playback is just a dream. Instant Jog/shuttle into the huge ram buffer is just a pleasure! As we needed to move fast from one shooting location to another, we went for the most light weighted recording solution : AJA - IO-HD box, MacbookPro, and Final Cut. So things were : shoot, replay, record, next one!

About image quality, amazing improvements have been made these last years, and SprintCam V3 HD appears as the mature system we can now go for. With hi-speed systems, you usually have to deal with specific artifacts due to highly specialized fast sensor. SprintCam V3 HD pushed down artifacts from annoying to barely noticeable, and that is a huge improvement. Now the slomo image can really be mixed with realtime footage, and edited with unnoticeable quality shift over regular footage. So slomo is not just a "demo thing" anymore, and becomes part of modern filmic vocabulary, as well as digital timelapse did some years ago. The overall experience with the V3 HD system was extremely positive. This is not a portable gear for sure, but we've been able to use it as if, plugging and unplugging everything many times, and it just ran smooth on every shot. How satisfied am I ? Answer is "when are we gonna shoot with that beast again ?!"

Many thanks to I-MOVIX team for making this a reality, keep up the excellent work, and we at Pixel's Revenge, will continue to honor your gear with more amazing shots to come! "

May 25, 2009

David COIFFIER – Director – Pixel’s Revenge – FRANCE

" We took delivery of our new SprintCam Vvs HD (Phantom powered) on July 5th. Since delivery the system has been used extensively with Sky Sports on a variety of events - Show Jumping, Athletics, Speedway, Rugby - and RTE for the analysis of Hip-Hop dancing all with great success! So much so that our second system arrives on September 15th. Technically the system has performed well - it is truly a "plug and play" device. Tally and full talkback facilities and dual outputs (Live/Replay) enable the camera to be used live at any time. A senior vision engineer was recently heard stating "this is the best picture quality I have seen from a high speed camera".

August, 2010

Steve Cotterill, Managing Director of Editec Ltd.
"We are very impressed with the development progress made by the I-MOVIX team. We have just taken delivery of a completely new RCP and slomo controller, the RCP now has enhanced controls enabling the vision engineer to more precisely match the pictures to other cameras – vital in the OB environment.  The slomo control panel leaves me speechless – it is very similar to that of a VT deck - so all operators will have no difficulty in mastering the controls in minutes - thus the learning curve is minimal!"

April 17, 2009

Steve Cotterill, Managing Director of Editec Ltd.