The RATE CARD prices are for DAY HIRE under Editec's Standard Terms & Conditions of Business which are shown below.

LONG TERM HIRE, REPEAT CONTRACTS and VOLUME OF BUSINESS will enable us to adjust these standard rates to establish special CLIENT / EVENT based prices. Please let us know your long term requirements when arranging hire!
Rate Card & Terms and Conditions of Business:

  I-MOVIX SprintCam Live V2.1 SD Ultra Motion Camera

  I-MOVIX SprintCam Live Vvs HD Ultra Motion Camera

  EVS SD 4 Channel XT LSM with 365 gb hard disk storage

  EVS SD 6 Channel XT LSM with 365 or 735 gb disk store

  EVS SD 5 Channel XT LSM for Super Slow Motion use
                                           with Philips LDK-23HS or
                                           Sony BVP-9500 Cameras

  EVS HD 6 Channel XT 2 LSM with 365 or 735 gb disk

  EVS Remote Control Panel - hired separately

  EVS Remote Control Panel - hired with EVS

  EVS Touchscreen

  EVS Netguard


  JVC KM3000SD/HD 12 input 3 keyer Vision Mixer

  GVG Indigo SDI 12 input 2 keyer, built in audio Mixer

  AD145 Audio Mixer with limiter & PPM's

  X75 SD/HD Synchroniser/converter

  DPS575 SD synchroniser/converter

  SONY HDW M2000P HD Digital Video Recorder

  Leitch A-D / D-A (3 converters in Genesis 6000 1U rack)

  Leitch A-D / D-A when hired with EVS LSM

  (Leitch 6017E A-D & 6054E D-A cards)

  SDTI Hubs

  250 Metre RS422 Cable for Touchscreen

   30 Metre RS422 Cable 

  Fostex Speakers (Pair)

  Heavy Duty Tripods/rolling base & heads (Vinten)

  Mercedes OB Edit/VT 1 SD Truck

  Macintosh Power G5 + external Disk Array with
  Final Cut Pro

  Commentary Headset

  Sony 9041 QM 9" Preview Monitors

  Sony PVM-1450QM / 14M4E Monitors

  Sony Diversity 4 channel Radio Mics (4)

  BNC Video Cables, A & V Looms (up to 70 metres)
  XLR Cables, Mains distribution boxes and Cables

  Delivery & Collection of equipment is charged in addition to the above.
  Client may collect/return using own transport.
  Client must have adequate insurance cover in force - see our terms and
  conditions of business. Editec can arrange insurance.

































£300 to £375

EVS / VT Operators are costed out on the basis of a 10 hour shift. Rates vary according to experience and responsibility.

Editor - Final Cut Pro
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£600 per day
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