Editec Ltd and EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. have been closely associated for many years. In the 1990’s Editec introduced the EVS Live Slow Motion Disk Recorders into the U.K. market under its initial role as EVS’s Exclusive UK Distributor and have hired, sold and supported the EVS from these early pioneering days up until its now dominant market leading position as the de facto product for Live Slow Motion replays.
EVS LSM – Live Slow Motion:
The Original EVS LSM product was the HCT2 platform, a RAM based video recorder. Due to the price of RAM in those days (1990’s), few could afford the luxury of capacities much higher than 3 minutes! Despite this limitation we proved that the product had it’s uses: Slow-Motion during events, montages into commercial breaks, analysis and closing montages – all available instantly.
The HCT4 unit was the next generation of product to appear. This was EVS venturing into the unknown territory of hard disks! The early platforms had an audio capability utilising 2 sound cards. One was internal to the LSM mainframe and the other housed in a 19 inch 1 U half depth frame. This occasionally worked, although lip sync was a major issue! The later generation of HCT4 systems had an external ADR (Audio Disk Recorder) and this was the first LSM product that one could confidently use. There were occasional “crashes” and lip sync errors, but with operator discipline, reliability was good. Concurrent with the launch of the HCT4 product, many other facilities and features were promised: networking, audio editing, enhanced effects, to name but a few, and these have materialised in subsequent releases of the EVS range!
The majority of EVS systems are now based upon the XT platform. This has benefited from many years experience gained by EVS developers and is now the industry standard in video disk recorders. To call the XT a slow-motion machine is an insult to the capability of the system. It is now a versatile server based solution for TV production.
The latest offerings from EVS are the High Definition XT2 successor to the Standard Definition range and the newly emergent XT2+. The XT2+ can be configured with 4 full 3D / 1080p channels (3G/dual link).
Full details and product specifications can be found on the EVS web site at www.evs.tv
Editec have stock of  both ranges of XT EVS systems FOR HIREor  FOR SALE in order to fulfill client needs in both definitions.