Editec Ltd is the sole distributor for sales and hire in the UK and Eire for the I-MOVIX SprintCam Ultra Slow Motion Camera System. Full details and specifications can be found on the I-MOVIX web siteor you can download a brochure and specification by clicking on:   
Shoot between 25 and 2700 frames per second at native HD resolution
Key Features:
Use on Sports, Films, Commercials and
Dual output – can be used as a live camera whilst replay is taking place
Runs from single SMPTE fibre cable. Uses
only one channel on the disk recorder
Use any B4 or PL mount lens
Superb low light performance
Both SD and HD options available – V2.1
and Vvs
Complete package available – Camera system, cameraman, EVS disk recorder and operator, cables and accessories
Cutting edge technology in the field of Slow Motion
“I-MOVIX is the manufacturer of the slowest slow motion camera for broadcasting, especially sports broadcasts. Once we get the replay from the camera we will get for example from 1000 up to 10,000 images per second in real time. Any professional from any TV company or hire services company is able to use it without a training course. All the R&D has been made here in Belgium, the system is manufactured in Belgium. We are very proud about it and we’ve finally achieved what is seen right now as the most precise slow motion in the world”

Mr. Laurent Renard – Chief executive Officer, I-MOVIX S.A.
“Many sports fans have seen and enjoyed slow motion replays over the years, The majority of replays now originate from disc servers and are shot at 25 frames per second (fps), but many sporting events will also have cameras capable of shooting at 75fps ie., 3 times the standard rate – so 1 second of material will now last for 3 seconds – think about it!!! All this results in a much smoother replay – as at 1/3rd speed, the viewer is seeing 3 times the number of frames! A good example can be seen in Cricket when a replay follows the bowling action, and then the ball when it is released – with supermotion you can see the stitching on the ball and judge the spin applied by the bowler – this would be a blur at 25fps. What next? How about up to 5000fps – this has aquired the name EXTREME SLOW MOTION. 

The scientific community and military have had this technology for years – initially monochrome, rather TV unfriendly picture sizes and aspect ratios and used for crash testing, to analyse how a bullet leaves the gun barrel etc. It is only fairly recently that these have been developed for use in the broadcast environment. One such system has been developed by I-MOVIX S.A. in Belgium and Editec has  purchased three of these cameras and offer them for hire to their existing clients. Sky Sports, The BBC, RTE, Formula One have now used the SprintCam on many programs. Editec have entered into an Exclusive Distribution Agreement with I-MOVIX S.A., and can offer this technology either on RENTAL or SALE. Spares are carried in the UK and a full professional support service is offered to the UK market. 

So exactly what does this technology have to offer? Well the viewer can now see things never seen before. For example: how the golf ball compresses and changes shape when the club makes contact, how the cricket bat flexes, how the wicket falls, spectacular shots of sparks flying when a tyre blows during Formula 1, the flight of a dart, the bounce out of the dart board, superb shots of ball motion in snooker and pool, analysis as never before of a tennis serve, a golf swing etc., etc. The list is as long as your imagination! 

Why I-MOVIX? These guys have from the base upwards, designed their system to work in a standard OB environment, in SD or HD. They have also developed an operator friendly remote motion controller, and a panel for the OB truck vision engineer to carefully “tweek” in order to colour-match the camera. Specific points of interest can be accurately cued, and the shooting speed chosen carefully, often to suit the sport. It is also likely that extreme motion material will be used after the event for in depth analysis and the picture will look “magic” in the closing slomo montage!  Watch this space and watch the movies posted here and on the I-MOVIX web site to give you a flavour of what this technology has to offer to the viewer. We’ve been taking it slow for years –  now we are taking it ULTRA slow! “

Steve Cotterill, Managing Director of Editec.
Steve has served over 35 years in broadcasting. Starting off working for ITV (Central Television – Birmingham) in Engineering and Operations he moved to the OB arm of Central 021 TV. Editec started 18 years ago as a small specialist company employing 5 people and numerous regular freelance staff and became the first company to import the EVS LSM server into the UK and in the early years helped EVS to introduce the product around the world.  Now independent Editec offers solutions to clients in the UK and worldwide in the areas of slow-motion and on-site post production, mainly hiring out I-MOVIX SprintCam ESM Cameras and EVS servers to companies like Sky, BBC, RTE, MTV etc.
Call Steve Cotterill at Editec for sale price and day rates. 
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